Vonda Hadfield Whitlock

Vonda Hadfield Whitlock was born on January 24, 1920, the second child to be born in our new home built for us by Grandpa Jorgensen just north, on a small knoll, from the log cabin (turned into a granary in later years). Her parents are William and Grace Jorgensen Hadfield. Vonda enjoyed the youthful days of Grouse Creek, Utah and later joined with her mother and other siblings in Logan for further education.

Their father, William died in 1929 just 2 days before his 43 birthday after being hospitalized for several months.

She graduated from Logan Senior High School. During the ensuing years she almost lost her life due to complications of a ruptured appendix and peritonitis.

She met Jack Whitlock during these years and the pending war problems. In spite of all this they were married on April 10, 1942 in the Logan Temple. She was a valiant war bride and followed her husband wherever she could during the service. She supported Jack through school at Utah State Agricultural College and later attended college herself. This education helped her gain a job with Civil Service at the Triple A Office in Logan. Jack became a builder and Vonda worked at the Logan City Office for thirty-two years.

Jack and Vonda are the Queen and King of square dance fame of forty-seven years and still dancing. They adopted two children, a daughter Jackie and son, Von. They are grandparents of seven and one great-grandchild. They are officiators in the Logan Temple. They have served twelve years and are still faithfully serving.