Grouse Creek Community Park & Campground

A project is currently underway to improve the rodeo grounds by constructing a community park, public campground and multi-use trail head facility. This facility will provide a central area for residents and non-residents to meet and enjoy the various activities this area will support. This project is being managed by the Grouse Creek Recreation District. It is the Recreation District’s overall objective to improve the quality of Grouse Creek’s recreational areas by promoting, maintaining, and developing facilities in Grouse Creek.

The plan is to:

  • Plant grass and shade trees
  • Acquire water for drinking and irrigation and install pipelines
  • Develop camp sites and multi-use trail head facilities
  • Add numerous picnic tables and benches
  • Install outdoor lighting for the arena and parking areas
  • Build a public restroom, snack shack, and covered information center
  • Construct new bleachers
  • Provide area maps with points of interest for trail rides and heritage tour routes


Once the plan has been completed, the following activities will be available in the community:

  • Horseback riding
  • Camping
  • Bike riding
  • Community parties
  • Cookouts

Other Camping Areas

The Red Top Cabin

The Red Top Cabin at Winfred’s Field is a private campground available just north of Grouse Creek on Pine Creek (pronounced “crick” in Utah). There is a developed campsite with drinking water, a picnic table and a small cabin. Camping at the “Red Top Cabin” can be arranged by contacting Delma Smith. If you are interested in having a Dutch Oven dinner provided for you at the campsite, you need to make advanced arrangements with Delma. If you have never experienced Dutch Oven Cooking before then you are missing out on something special.

Public Land

Since there is so much public land available for the public to use, camping can be found in almost any area. One of my favorite areas is called Ingham Canyon. Ingham Canyon is on public lands and consists of a grove of Cottonwood trees by a small stream. Pick up a map of the area at the Grouse Creek Supply to assist you in discovering and exploring the area.

Sawtooth National Forest

The Sawtooth National Forest is located about 35 miles Northeast of Grouse Creek by Yost, Utah. The Sawtooth National Forest is a relatively unknown National Forest and there are various areas to camp. Most of the popular areas are near drinking water and small streams.