Pearl Douglas Harris

Lavern Barlow, Ralva Paskett, Rhea Toyn & Pearl Douglas

Pearl Douglas Harris was born April 12, 1912 in Grouse Creek, Utah the daughter of James and Mary Elizabeth Toyn Douglas.

Her brother and sisters are: Richard, Mary, Martha Jeanette (Jennie), Margaret Harriet (Hattie) and Ruby.

Pearl was reared and educated in Grouse Creek and studied music in Ogden during her youth. She had also lived in Ogden, Roy and Tremonton, Utah area.  While in Grouse Creek she played the piano in the Grouse Creek orchestra.

She married Edward Charles Harris on December 31, 1932.

Her son is Charles Larry Harris.

Pearl Douglas, Rhea Paskett & Oren Kimber

She was a member of the LDS Church and served her friends and acquaintances through her gifts of music and friendship. She loved to be around people and their concerns were her concerns. She had the ability to touch the hearts of those with special needs. She performed with several musical groups for many years throughout Northern Utah and Nevada. She had a special place in her heart for small animals and children.

Pearl retired from the Defense Depot Ogden.

She died December 27, 1995 and is buried in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.

Sunday School Class Front Row – Louise Toyn, Fern Kimber, Merton Paskett, Mertrice Ballingham, Wilma Betteridge
Middle Row – Myrl Hadfield, Ivy Paskett, Raida Betteridge, Pearl Richins, Therma Betteridge, LaRetta Wakefield, Mildred Toyn
Back Row – Clara E. Frost, Ted Tanner, Sarah Richins, Fawson Cook, Pearl Douglas, Carl Cook, Bessie Shaw, Robert Simpson, Ida Barlow, Gordon Hadfield, Amanda Paskett

Grouse Creek Ward Choir at the Ogden Tabernacle
Back Row: Don Wakefield, Nadine Simpson, Ida Kimber, Louise Barlow, Wanda Blanthorn, Nola Richins Kimber, Martha Richins, Pearl Douglas Harris, Jennie Douglas Richins, Amy Simpson, Amanda Tanner Paskett, Ralva Paskett, Alta Tanner, Melba Ballingham
Middle Row: Vonda Hadfield, Myrl Hadfield, Elsie Kimber, Barbara Blanthorn, Sarah Roberts, Adella Barlow, Mary Roberts, Sarah Tanner, Adele Carson, Emily Kimber, LaVerne Barlow, Louie Ballingham, Rhea Paskett
Front Row: Claude Wakefield, Elwood Wakefield, Lyman Kimber, Miles E. Wakefield, Joseph Kimber, Newell Richins, LeGrande Horsley, William P. Paskett, Albert Ballingham, Robert Paskett