Effie Kimber Ballingham

EffieKimberEffie Kimber Ballingham was born November 1, 1922, a daughter of Evan Osborne Kimber and Amy Warburton in Grouse Creek, Utah.

She in the house by the store, with Grandmother Warburton acting as midwife, housekeeper and babysitter. Her mother was never well enough to care for her baby so Aunt Pauline, who was nursing a baby, would come to visit Mother and to also nurse Effie.

The family was living in a two-room house with the boys sleeping in a tent. Her dad had some money put away and he wanted Mother to go away to the doctor, but she didn’t think it was necessary and didn’t want to leave her family.

Her mother died on December 1, 1922, from Brights Disease, a kidney infection. Grandmother Warburton stayed until after the funeral, caring for the family. It was a cold day on the day of the funeral.

It was difficult for her dad, but he had to let Effie go to live with another family, because he was unable to care for her. She was given a good home with Uncle Charles and Aunt Nell Toyn, her dad’s sister. She lived with them until she married and had her own home.

Her brothers and sisters are: Ernest, Ivan, Grant, Lorna and Ida.

She married Ronald William Ballingham.

She passed away on May 16, 1974.

Theron Simpson, Effie Kimber, Dorothy Kimber & Gerald Warburton