Lillian Paskett Richins

Lillian Paskett Richins, wife of Wilford Francis Richins, was the daughter of William Pope Paskett and Sarah Ann Henefer. She was born in the old log house on the William Paskett farm in Grouse Creek, Box Elder County, Utah, on November 22, 1889. On December 5, 1889 her mother died, leaving father, one brother and four sisters.

With no children left who were old enough to care for her, Lillian was taken to the home of her uncle and aunt, William C. Betteridge and Sarah Paskett Betteridge, where she lived. Even though she was not adopted, she went by the Betteridge name all through her life’s activities, both in the church and out, until her marriage on April 8, 1908. No one could have been brought up in a better home than that of the Betteridge family. They were just ranchers like everyone else in Grouse Creek at that time, who endured all the hardships and poverty which were encountered by pioneers in those days. But there was always plenty to supply the needs of the family and some to spare.

Lillian was now the youngest member of their family; 4 sons and 1 daughter were older. Every one of them, parents and children alike, thought a great deal of her and treated her as though she were a real sister and daughter until the time of her death. Special gratitude is due her cousin, Penn Betteridge Nelson, who guided her over many pitfalls in her early life; always bestowing her love and kindness while Lillian’s family was growing up.

Aunt Penn, as she was lovingly called by the sons and daughters now they are grown, played the organ and taught Lillian to play and sing. This was useful to the community all her life as she had a beautiful voice and was always willing and ready to use it. As the years in school crawled along, she made the grades in their turn and reached the top; as far as Grouse Creek was concerned. For the 3 or 4 years that followed, she continued to be helpful at home and she occasionally took a job where someone was needed in the home, helping someone else. She’d cook for the sheep shearing crew or haying contractors.

In the year 1906, Lillian and her sister May, hired out to Frank Morgan to cook for a crew of men on a hay contract in Nevada. It was known as the Sparks-Herrell Company. The job lasted three months. Besides wanting to earn what money she could to build up her “Hope Chest”, there was someone else going along to help with the hay, who was desirous of building a “Hope Chest” also. The courtship which had been going on several months, continued and on April 8, 1908, she was married to Wilford Francis Richins in the Salt Lake Temple by John R. Winder.

Upon returning home to Grouse Creek, the next task in order was to finish the job of cleaning and fixing up the old log house on the Richins farm. Phillip J. Paskett, a cousin, and his wife were living in the north part of the house. Lillian and her husband, Wilford, lived in the other part.

There were a lot of families in Grouse Creek in those days who lived in dirt-roofed houses, and the old house was fixed up so it pretty much matched the others. They lived in this place for several years, renting the farm and earning a few dollars where ever possible. Milk cows and chickens provided most of the income until the grain was harvested in the fall.

On January 5, 1909, Orva Wilford was born in father’s rock house at the end of the lane. Mrs. Ellen Blanthorn, a mid-wife, took care of them. Sarah LaRaida was born March 22, 1911 in the old log house, Elsie Drucilla was born April 27, 1915 in the old log house, Lillian Lucille was born August 19, 1918 at Oakley, Idaho at the home of Aunt Penn Betteridge Nelson.

In the early spring of 1919, her husband, Wilford, received a call to fill a mission to the Western States. When he left for Salt Lake City, Utah the first part of June, his father, Albert Francis Richins, wife Lillian, and children Orva and Sarah went also. While her husband was away she had the responsibility of taking care of herself and four children.

She received a great deal of help from her friends and family. She and her family spent considerable time at the home of Frank and Annie Morgan in Heyburn, Idaho. Annie Richins Morgan was the sister of Wilford Richins.

Upon returning from his mission, Wilford purchased the James Betteridge farm and rented the John Betteridge farm also, and moved to the James Betteridge home where Myrtle was born February 28, 1922.

Later that year they moved to the John Betteridge home because it was closer to the school and church.

On June 17, 1924 Curtis Wilford was born and lived only a short time. He was buried in Grouse Creek Cemetery.

Lillian became president of the Primary and held that position until her death.

It was on the evening of December 23, 1925 when a Christmas dance was in progress, that it became necessary to go with team and sleigh to get Mrs. Hadfield, who was a mid-wife and soon after midnight, Leola Mae was born, December 24, 1925.

By early morning Lillian was feeling very poorly, so the doctor in Montello, Nevada was called; but she passed away before the doctor arrived. She is buried in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.

by Hattie Lovina Paskett Richins and provided by Curtis Gayle Richins