Henry Maiben Lucas

Henry Maiben Lucas was born at Etna, Utah, on April 2, 1882 a son of Charles Lucas and Marion Maiben. He died on August 30, 1903.

There were nine children in the familiy:  Belle, Alice, Charles, Louella, Kate, Henry, Edith, Maude and Emma.

Newspaper article: Grouse Creek, Box Elder County, Utah, September 2, 1903.

A very sad misfortune has befallen the family of our esteemed brother Chas. Lucas who formerly lived in Salt Lake City.

Last Saturday morning the son of Brother Lucas, Henry Maiben Lucas, who was twenty-one years of age, the 2nd of last April, was kicked by a horse while he was with his father’s cattle outfit.

The horse, a very vicious animal, struck him with both feet on the right side just above the hip and broke several ribs, besides inflicting several other internal injuries.

His father was sent for and while he was coming his friends did what they could for him. His father arrived but a few minutes before his death and conveyed the body home to his heart-broken mother and sisters.