Yost, Utah

Yost is located south of the City of Rocks and was settled in 1879 by Charles Yost. Traditionally, cattle ranching, sheep ranching, farming and lumber milling were the main source of income for the community. The town experience a large population growth in the early 1900’s, when the population increased to 251. Today, the town is classified as a class 6 ghost town and has very few full time residents. The valley is very scenic and some of the original buildings are still standing.

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Almo, Idaho

Almo was settled in the 1870’s and is located near City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Parks. Almo has many attractions including the Outpost Steakhouse, Tracy Store, Almo Creek in and Durfee Hot Springs.

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Almo Creek

Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock is located near Almo, ID and is a popular destination for rock climbers and hikers. Mountain biking and horseback riding are also done inside the park. Castle Rock has several overnight accommodations including a lodge, a bunkhouse and two yurts.

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The City of Rocks

Located near Castle Rock State Park, the city of rocks has 22 miles of hiking trails and has some of the best rock climbing around. Visitors can also horseback ride or mountain bike through the park. There are many campsites, yurts and bunkhouses for overnight visitors. The park also has several historical areas where pioneers marked their names on the rocks.

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The Sun Tunnels

Built by Nancy Holt in 1978, the Sun Tunnels are located off I-80 near Lucin, UT. The tunnels are built off 22 ton concrete pipes and sit alone in the middle of the desert. During both the summer (June 21st) and winter (December 21st) solstices, the sun lines up perfectly between two of the tunnels. The tunnels also have holes punched in the side to represent the constellations of Draco, Perseus, Columba and Capricorn. Like many of the attractions in this area, the Sun Tunnels are in a remote place at the end of a dirt road, but they are a unique and beautiful attraction well worth the drive. See a video of the Summer Solstice here. Video

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Devil’s Playground

Devil’s Playground is a geological anomaly located on state land near Grouse Creek. The playground is made up of ancient granite rock formations that have been formed into unusual shapes by magma and weather millions of years ago. As remote as the Sun Tunnels, this area is a great place to hike and view one of a kind rock formations.

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Lucin was a west desert oasis sometimes referred to as a “warbler trap”. It was a small settlement that served a stretch of the southern Pacific Railroad and is now abandoned. At first glance Lucin looks like a small pond with some surrounding trees, but it is much more, especially during the spring and fall migrations with more than 100 bird species recorded at the site. Look for Northern Mockingbird, Eastern and Western Kingbird, Northern Flicker, as well as common Utah migrants including American Redstart, Northern Waterthrush, Northern Saw-Whet Owl and Scott’s Oriole. Habitat includes a water impediment with trees and desert shrub. Fall brings many uncommon Utah migrants. This area is best visited during spring and fall.

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