Rollo James Kimber

Mary & Jim Kimber

Rollo James (Jim) Kimber was born May 10, 1908 in Grouse Creek, Utah a son of Charles Jr. and Josie Laird Kimber.

His brothers and sisters are: Edith Chloe, Winfred Charles, Raymond Hugh, Joseph Edwin (Ted), Vera May, Oren LeGrande, Mary, Florence, Fern, Elsie and Charles Junior. Half brothers and sisters: Annie Elizabeth, Charles William, George Edward, Elmer, Ellen, Evan Osborne, Franklin Vaughn, Louisa Caroline, and Sarah Elizabeth.

He was reared and educated in Grouse Creek, Utah.

Jim married Mary Margaret Derleth on November 24, 1945 in Helena,

His children are: James (Jim) and Josephine (Josie).

Raymond, Louisa Roberts, Elmer, Chloe Tanner, Elsie Smith, Rollo James (Jim), Vera Tanner, Osborne (OZ), Fern Shaw, Charles Junior, Edwin (Ted) and Winfred

He had been a foreman of the Browning Ranch in Wisdom, Montana.  He moved to Tuscarora, Nevada in 1951 then moved to Montello, Nevada to work for the Gamble Ranch and later had owned and operated a ranch in Yost, Utah until returning to Grouse Creek.

He had been a supervisor of the West Box Elder County Soil Conservation District for eight years. He was also a member of the Utah Cattleman’s Association and a member of the LDS Church.

Jim suffered a heart attack and died en route to Brigham City, Utahwhere his wife was taking him to the doctor. He passed away January 29, 1972 and is buried in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.