Mary Persis Kimber

Mary, Vera, Florence (picture) & Chloe Kimber

Mary Persis Kimber was born February 15, 1896 in Huntington, Emery County, Utah a daughter of Charles and Persis Josephine Laird Kimber.

Her brothers and sisters are: Edith Chloe, Winfred Charles, Raymond Hugh, Joseph Edwin (Ted), Vera May, Rollo James, Oren LeGrande, Florence, Fern, Elsie and Charles Junior.

Half brothers and sisters: Annie Elizabeth, Charles William, Elmer, Ellen, George, Evan Osborne, Franklin Vaughn, Louisa Caroline, and Sarah Elizabeth.

Mary, Florence, Chloe & Winfred Kimber

She died September 2, 1907 in Grouse Creek, Utah of inflammation of blood and is buried in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.