Sage Grouse Strut

Grouse Creek is known for its abundance of Sage Grouse. During the last few weeks of March and the first weeks of April, the Sage Grouse participate in their annual mating activities. Sage Grouse males congregate at mating grounds called Leks. There can be anywhere from 10 – 200 males at the Leks. At the Leks, the males strut around, puff out the chests, fan their tail feathers, and make strange choking noices in an effort to attract females. (Kind of remindes me of going to a High School dance and seeing teen age boys trying to get the attention of young girls). Once a female is attracted, they fly into the Lek and leave with the male to a breeding ground. There are numerous Leks in the area that are easily reachable for viewing. If interested, contact the Box C Ranch for accommadations and a guided tour.

Summer Solstice at the Sun Tunnels

At sunset on June 21st, the sun lines up perfectly between 2 sets of concrete pipes located in the West Desert just south of Lucin. Each year a small group of individuals from locations throughout the US assemble at the tunnels to witness the spectacular sunset shining through the tunnels. The tunnels were created by artist Nancy Holt and are lined up so the sun shines through them during the winter and summer solstice. Holes are also drilled in the sides of the tunnels to represent different constellations. Nancy was married to the late Robert Smithson who created the Spiral Jetty (another land art project at the north end of the Great Salt Lake).

Fourth of July Celebration

Each year on July 4th, a Parade, Program, Kids Races, Food , Rodeo, Dance, and Ball Games will be held. If you have never been to a small town celebration, then make your plans to attend this one.

Kimber Reunion

On the second Saturday of August, decendants of the Charles Kimber Family invade Grouse Creek each year. Events include a 3 Mile Run, Program, Kids Races, Square and Line Dancing, Hayrides and other activities. If you are a Kimber ,or married to one, make plans to attend this annual event.

General Deer Hunt

On the third weekend of October, the annual migration of hunters begins. The town grows from 80 residents, to over 500 overnight and most of them are wearing bright orange and hiking the mountains. If you come out to participate, make sure you sign up for the big buck contest at the store. Be sure to stop by the store several times to hear the latest tales of the other hunters gathered there. If your hungry, they may even cook you up a hamburger or hotdog or you can buy something from the annual bake sale.