Shirley Tanner

Shirley was born in Brigham City, Utah on May 1, 1939 a daughter of Herbert A. and Vera May Kimber Tanner.

She was a student at the Grouse Creek School and a member of the LDS church.

Santa Clause, Gail Toyn, Judy Rae Kimber, Joetta Kimber, Norma Jean Hadfield, Mary Lou Thomas, Fae Tanner, Carolyn Kimber, Ilene Ballingham, Rosalie Ballingham
Back Row – Shirley Tanner, Kathryn Kimber, Marlene Toyn, Patsy Blanthorn, Merle Tanner, Carole Tanner
Teachers – Martha Kimber and Louisa Roberts

Shirley died at the family home in Grouse Creek on January 25, 1952 after seven months fighting cancer.

She is buried in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.