Rebecca Nielsen Jorgensen

Rebecca Nielsen was born on September 9, 1861 in Aalborn, Denmark. Her parents are Lars Larsen Nielsen and Dorethea Marie Thomasen. The family left Denmark in July 1866 on a sailing vessel. They were on the sea for nine weeks. During the trip Rebecca (five years of age) became lost. When they finally located her, she was walking the railing of the upper deck. Her mother walked up quietly behind her without speaking, fearing she would be lost in the dashing waves below, and took her from the railing. Surely her life was saved because her work was not finished on this earth.

When they landed in America, they were assigned to Captain Lowry’s train of immigrating saints and arrived in Salt Lake City on October 22, 1866. While crossing the plains cholera claimed many of the saints and their youngest son, Tommy was among them. He was buried on the plains leaving only the two girls, Rebecca and Annie.

They left Salt Lake City and arrived in Logan, Utah on November 1, 1866 where they spent the winter. They moved to Hyde Park,Utah in the spring, where they lived for six years.

Along with other good Saints, they moved to Benson Ward and took up a homestead. Here they did some real pioneering. Annie was capable of the duties at home so Rebecca hired out. She worked for several ladies. Cash was scarce so $1.50 per week was a good wage and excellent training. She worked hard and very long days.

When she was fourteen years old, Rebecca’s father began to worry for fear she would be an old maid. She was so quiet and retiring. He suggested that she should marry in polygamy as she had many offers. Rebecca stoutly refused. She had many suitors but wanted none of them until a tall, handsomely built young man by the name of Isaac Jorgensen came. She knew immediately he was for her. The romance started and one and a half years later, on July 8, 1880, they were married in the Salt Lake Endowment House.

Isaac and Rebecca made their home in Logan, Utah in the Fourth Ward. Eight children were born while they lived here. Three of them died. In 1890 they moved to Baker City, Oregon. A boy was born here, however, Rebecca was dissatisfied without the church so they returned to Logan, Utah. After two years in Logan and a baby girl being born here, they sold their home and purchased land and a home in Hyde Park, Utah. Six more children were born in Hyde Park, making a family of sixteen children, eight boys and eight girls. Eleven of the children grew to maturity and were married and raised families.

Rebecca was very serious about her life’s work. She was tenderhearted and thoughtful of others. She had great faith in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints. Her large family and poor health restricted much activity in the church, but she always saw that the children were bathed and ready for Sunday School, Primary or Sacrament Meeting.

In 1909 the family (except for three who were married) moved to Nevada where they lived for a year. Then they moved to Grouse Creek, Utah and back to Logan again. From Logan they moved to Smithfield, then to Amalga, and finally back to Logan.

Rebecca Nielsen Jorgensen died at 55 East 5th North, Logan, Utah on March 19, 1930 at the age of sixty-nine years. She is buried in the Logan Cemetery.