Marie Roberts Whitaker

Marie Roberts Whitaker was born November 7, 1921 at Grouse Creek, Utah a daughter of Hugh and  Louise Kimber Roberts.

Her brothers and sisters are: Sarah Elizabeth, Ray, Byron, Vern, Mary, Morgan, Rex Clifford, Joy and Elva Colleen.

She was reared and educated in Grouse Creek, Utah.

Velma Kimber, Rulon Kimber & Marie Roberts

Marie married Dale Whitaker on July 29th, 1941.

Her children are: Bruce, Carol, and Connie.

She and her husband co-owned and operated the Fall River Dry Cleaners in Fall River Mills, California for 20 years retiring in 1982.

She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

She died August 24, 2000 and is buried in the Fall River Mills Cemetery

Grouse Creek School-1935 Front Row: Claire Warburton, Marjorie Tanner, Reese Warburton, Olene Ballingham, Verl Toyn
2nd Row: Neal Warburton, Lavon Richins, Dorothy Kimber, Venice Carson, Wendell Ballingham, Wayne Tanner, Arthur Paskett, Morgan Roberts
3rd Row: Edward Frost, Evva Lee, Virginia Warburton, Velma Kimber, Wilda Frost, Kay Kimber, Max Hadfield
4th Row: Miss Madsen, Douglas Richins, Viril Kimber, Barbara Kimber, Emma Paskett, Marie Roberts, Max Tanner, Clifton Kimber