Jack David Amos Fenstermaker

Jack David Amos Fenstermaker was born October 26, 1871 near Grantsville, Utah.  He was the younger brother of Perry (Pel) Fenstermaker.

He married Alice Ann Lucas of Grouse Creek at Grouse Creek, Utah on November 28, 1895.  Alice was the daughter of Charles and Marion Mabery Maiben Lucas. Alice was born February 7, 1875 at Salt Lake City,Utah.  They ranched on Hardesty Creek until about 1910.  They moved to the Emerson, Idaho area ranching and farming until David passed away on July 14, 1933.

They had twelve children: Marion was born on August 23, 1896 in Grouse Creek, Utah; Henry born January 24, 1898 at Grantsville, Utah.  He served in WWI.  Mollisie was born November 17, 1899 at Grouse Creek.  She died February 8, 1900 and is buried in the Grouse Creek cemetery.  Charles Amos better known as Pete was born May 21, 1901 at Grouse Creek.  He was nine years old when the family moved to Emerson, Idaho.  Alvin was born April 7, 1905 at Grouse Creek, Utah. LeRoy better known as Roy was born March 10, 1907 at Grouse Creek, Utah.  David better known as Dave was born October 25, 1909 at Oakley, Idaho. He had a twin sister who was stillborn.  Grace was born August 26, 1912.  Melvin better known as Jim was born September 1914 at Paul, Idaho. Blanche Marie was born January 17, 1917 at Paul,Idaho.  David and Alice’s last child was a stillborn daughter born in 1919 in Burley, Idaho.

After David Amos Fenstermaker passed away Alice married Henry Millard.  She lived to be 97 years old, and though blind she lived by herself in her own home up until age 95.  She was the subject of two feature articles in the Burley paper, one when she celebrated her 90th birthday and again on her 94th birthday.

Contributed by Teresa Fenstermaker Phillips from The Fenstermaker Family Reunion, July 28, 1968.