Personal Histories

During Utah’s State Centennial in 1996, Verl and Delma Kimber Smith started a project to collect and publish personal histories of individuals from Grouse Creek.  After many years they have managed to collect over 170 histories and a final book of over 700 pages.  This web page is a collection of those histories.

The personal histories were edited for obvious spelling errors, but the grammar and context of the information was left as is to preserve the colorful writing styles of the individuals.  After reading several histories, I think you will agree.

Because history is a never-ending project of collecting and then correcting information, these histories may have inaccurate data and we welcome any corrections sent to us.  However, we reserve the right to make the corrections based on possible conflicting information from different sources.

If you have any additional personal histories of individuals who lived in Grouse Creek, please feel free to send them to Alan Smith at [email protected] and I will include them.

Because the drop down menu can be challenging to navigate, we have included a complete list of histories below. Please click on the last name of the person you are searching for, then navigate the alphabetical list on that page.

Enjoy reading.

Alan Smith