Deer Hunting

Grouse Creek is probably best known for its Mule Deer. Although the area is not known for Trophy deer, there have been several large animals harvested (you just don’t hear about them). However, even the smallest Mule Deer are generally bigger than those pet deer (White Tail) that they grow back east.

A large part of the area is public lands and is easily accessible. In addition to the public lands, there are currently 2 Cooperative Hunting Areas which are available for those who desire to hunt on private lands. These areas distribute their own tresspass tags but they also offer some to the general public through a draw.

For more information concerning the specific hunting seasons or Cooperative Hunting Areas, contact the Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources

Elk Hunting

Elk were introduced to the area in the late 1980’s and have flourished. The original management plan was to have 175 Elk in the valley. As recently as 2 years ago, it was estimated that there were at least 500 Elk on the Utah side and possibly 1800 Elk on the Nevada side. There are 3 Elk CWMU’s that offer world class hunting and a Limited Entry hunt for the rest of the valley. Hunter success at some of the CWMU’s have been 100%. Check the Utah DWR web site to get current information. The following is a video from a hunt on the Double Cone CWMU.

Double Cone Hunt

Cougar Hunting

Brad Warburton offers the use of his specially trained hunting dogs and services for those interested in Cougar hunting in the area. The Cougar hunt in Western Box Elder County is a limited entry draw. Applications for permits must be submitted around the middle of October. Brad has been very successful over the years and is very familiar with the area. If you already have your permit and you need a guide with excellent dogs, give Brad a call at: (801) 782-6906 or he can be reached at: [email protected]. He is willing to work on a per day rate that is negotiable. If he is unavailable, he can recommend other guides in the area.

Bird Hunting

We have raised hundreds of Pheasants, Chukars, and Quail in an attempt to reintroduce these game birds to the valley. The game birds were released into the wild, but I am afraid many of them became food for the predators.  There are lots of “Guzzlers” in the area to provide water. They have a saying about Chukars: the first time you hunt them is for fun, the next time is for revenge.

Conservation and Wildlife Organizations

Several conservation and wildlife organizations do work in and near the Grouse Creek area. Below is a list if you would like further information about these organizations.