Frank D. Miller

Frank D. Miller was born to Melvin and Flora Miller on November 26th, 1939 in Burley, Idaho.  He was raised in Northern Utah, around Harrison and Honeyville.  He was part of a large family; he had over a dozen siblings.

Frank did quite well in school.  He was an honor role student and loved to do art. His father Melvin was an artist.  Frank learned a lot about art from his father.  By the time Frank was in the seventh grade, he was giving lessons to his fellow students. Frank continued his schooling with art classes at Weber State College and Brigham Young University.

At the age of 19, he married Janet Ranae Starkey.  Frank and Ranae had seven children:  twins-Barbara Ann and Sonya Kaye, Jeffery Dean, Michelle, Carrie Lynn, Lori Lee and Celeste Marie.  Sonya Kaye is deceased.  They continued to live in UT. Frank had a dream to be a well-recognized artist and share the joy he felt in beautiful scenes of nature.  Since the wages of a budding artist were insufficient to support his growing family, Frank was a full time carpenter.  He was an ambitious worker and soon became superintendent on the construction projects he worked for.

The companies he worked for built projects throughout the western states.  This meant periodically moving.  Utah, Nevada, Montana and Arizona were states he lived in.  He even had a project in Fairbanks,Alaska for several months, but the family remained in Great Falls, Montana.

Despite the responsibilities of supporting a family, Frank still found time for his art studies.  These art studies were more than just a passing hobby or a way for him to relax.  He was very serious about achieving his dream.  As the years went by, Frank D. Miller established a market for the sale of his originals. He was called often to display his work and won numerous awards.  As his popularity increased, so did the value of his paintings.  Some of Frank’s collectors asked if he planned on publishing his original paintings into limited edition prints.  This spark of an idea led to the publish company, Frank Miller Fine Art.

Frank and Ranae’s paths parted.  Frank remarried Sharlene Stevens.  Their children are:  David Kelley, Jennifer Dawn, Gwendolyn, Lisa Nicole and Kelsie Leigh.

Frank Miller Fine Art Offices were set up in 1993 on the Desert Rose Ranch just south of Grouse Creek.  It was a family business.  Jeff D. Miller was his manager.  Jeff traveled each week to sale and deliver art to galleries in a 200 to 300 mile radius.  Other family member worked on the phones, reaching Galleries across the nation.  Recognition increased.  Sales climbed.  It happened.  Frank had achieved his dream of painting full time for a living. He was doing the thing that he loved.

Sadly, this came to an end.   In the summer of 1998 Frank was diagnosed with cancer.  The prognosis wasn’t good; it was only a matter of time.  On February 24, 2000 Franklin D. Miller passed away. He is buried at the Yost Cemetery in Yost, Utah.