Carolyn Kimber Ferro

Keith, Ted, Norman, Martha, JoAnn, Carolyn & Lee Kimber

Carolyn Kimber Ferro was born May 13, 1940 in Brigham City, Utah a daughter of J. Edwin (Ted) and Martha Hart Kimber.

Her brothers and sister are: Lee H., Norman D., Keith E., and JoAnn.

She was reared and educated in Grouse Creek, Utah and graduated from Box Elder High School in Brigham City.

She was married to Phillip Ferro and they were later divorced.

Her children are: Daniel, Patrick and Carol Sue.

Carolyn lived in California, Oregon, Montana and then in Brigham City from 1970.

She was a member of the LDS Church.

She was killed December 18, 1971 in a one car roll over 40 miles east of Burley, Idaho on Interstate 84. The accident occurred in the Sublett Area, according to authorities near the location of an earlier seven car pileup in which there were no serious injuries.

Her burial is in the Grouse Creek Cemetery.