Phoebe Arnold Hales

Miss Phoebe Arnold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold of Lyman, Idaho was married to Henry O. Hales on April 16, 1902. They traveled to Grouse Creek on Saturday, April 19, 1902 to visit some friends. She very was much exposed to the weather on the trip here and immediately upon her arrival complained of a sore throat and fever. Doctor Alby of Oakley, Idaho was called in. He at once pronounced the disease to be diphtheria in a bad form. He gave her his best attention for a day and a night and then returned to Oakley leaving his patient as he thought, much improved. Shortly after his departure she grew worse rapidly and she died at 5 o’clock the morning of Friday, April 25 having only been married for 9 days. She was buried Friday night at midnight as is customary in all contagious diseases.

Her friends and, in fact all in the ward , feel to sympathize with her bereaved parents in far away Lyman who, of course, were unable to get here owing to the distance. It was, indeed, a sad ending for a young life so well begun.

Above information is from several news articles.