Plays were a big source of entertainment for the community since there wasn’t any movie theaters and limited TV reception. Most plays were written, directed and acted by people in the community. 

Cast of Big Hearted Herbert – Mandy Paskett, Doug Richins, Bertha Kimber, Merlin Tanner, Mrs. Grover, Dave Paskett, Keith Burnham, Herbert Tanner, Orita Lee, Emily Kimber, Ellen Lind & Elmer Kimber

Grouse Creek Play. This Act was called “Born on Monday”. Left-
Right: Afton Blanthorn, Uknown Kimber, Effie Ballingham, Uknown Tanner, Annie Barlow & Lorna Hadfield as the uncle

Grouse Creek Play, this Act was called “Christened on Tuesday” Emily Tanner, Effie Ballingham, Mae Kimber & Annie Barlow