Grouse Creek Song

Home, Home in G.C.

Provided by Marge Thompson

(Sung to Home, Home on the Range)

Oh, we love our home
Where the Herefords can roam
Where the rabbits and coyotes play
Where seldom is heard
An encouraging word
For a fair price for cattle or hay.


Home, home in G.C.
Where we all feel so happy and free
No, we wouldn’t exchange
Our home on the range
For all of the crowded city
Oh we take great pride
In the horses we ride
We can use them for work or play
And the best part of all
After roundup each fall
Is, there won’t be a gas bill to pay.


There ae towns all around
That are booming we’ve found
And Grouse Creek is right in the race
But our boom’s not the same
There’s no profit to gain
They’re just jets out of Hill Air Force Base.


We will never complain
Bout our home on the range
Cause our skies are not cloudy – oh no!
We have nothing to fear
If our Uncle Same dear
Will just back off and leave us alone.

Last Chorus

Home, home in G.C.
Where we want to feel happy and free
No, we’d never exchange
Our home on the range
Cause we’re crazy – I’ll bet you agree.