Independence Day Humor

Some things I wondered about while growing up in Grouse Creek (and still do).

  1. Where is the cotton in Cotton Thomas Basin?
  1. Is Poison Creek really poisoned?
  1. Who milked the cows in Dairy Valley?
  1. Are there really badgers on Badger Flat or did someone get badgered there?
  1. What is the population of Drowser Town?
  1. Why are they called “Red Butte Mountains” if they are really blue?
  1. Isn’t “Straight Fork” a contradiction in terms?
  1. I’ve been through “Devil’s Gate” many times, but, Hell, was I coming in or going out?

Contributed by Douglas Tanner

I was asked how Drowser Town got its name. Many years ago Winfred Kimber my father-in-law told me that the early settlers would cut logs in the main canyon of Pine Creek and then  drag them down to an area (Drowser Town) and leave them to be loaded onto wagons and transported to their final destination. Webster’s Dictionary defines Drowse as inactive, light slumber, drowsy or to pass (time) drowsily.

Contributed by Verl Smith